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Users with any V21 release of Civil Site Design are encouraged to download and install this latest version. Whilst including some minor fixes, this version also includes the following new functionality:

  • Project Assist (click here for video)
    • Released as a BETA plugin in 2020, Project Assist is now installed with all future releases of Civil Site Design. (V21.3). Please uninstall the BETA plugin from your programs (named ‘jobprepr’) prior to installation.
  • Civil Points & Survey Lines (click here for video)
    • Introduced in V21.30, Civil Site Design will feature Survey Lines to compliment the Civil Points. Users can now create Survey Lines at the time of importing Civil Points.
  • Grips
  • Water Drop Update

Generally customers can download from the subscription centre below, however, the Civil Site Design platform version can be downloaded directly here:

You can also review the online Release Notes for further details of what’s in this release. 

Civil Site Design v21 requires a v21 license key. License keys have been added for all current subscription holder accounts and can be obtained directly from the Subscription Centre.