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Customer Centre – Activation and Licensing

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Subscription Renewal

We will make contact with you when your subscription is getting close to renewal.

If you believe or know your subscription to be out of date and you would like to renew, please just email our Subscription Coordinator:

About Software Activation

Software Activation is required for continued permanent use of Civil Site Design. This is a simple process of running Civil Site Design, electing to Install/Activate your license and using the Activation Key we supply.

Need more information about the Installation/Activation/Licensing Process?

Please refer to the Civil Survey Applications Installation and Activation Guide for more information. This provides a detailed description of the installation process, requirements for installing/running Civil Site Design and product Activation.

If you have followed all the steps in the guide and are still not able to get the software up and running, please lodge a Support Ticket and we’ll help you out.

Downloaded the software but you don’t have your Activation Key?

An Activation Key (license key) is required to permanently license Civil Site Design. Activation Keys are issued following purchase of the software and updated keys are sent whenever Civil Site Design releases a new version (this normally corresponds to the new release of Autodesk software)

If you have purchased the software you should have received a welcome email from us with details on how to access your subscription site (the Civil Survey Applications Subscription Portal), which includes your eligible product downloads and activation keys. At each organisation a Subscription Manager is normally appointed, and that person is granted full access to the Civil Survey Applications Subscription Portal.

If you are unable to access to your subscription site as the subscription manager, or via the subscription manager at your organisation, please email us.

Network Installation?

If you have installed a network version of Civil Site Design, please refer to the Civil Survey Applications Installation and Activation Guide for network installation information.

Network licensing is managed via the Civil Survey Solutions Licensing Manager – you must download and install the Civil Survey Applications Licensing Manager on the license server. 

Offline Activation

Depending on your office systems environment, it is possible that the online registration process will be unsuccessful. Below is the link for the Offline Activation of your Civil Survey Applications product – this should be used as per the Civil Survey Applications Installation and Activation Guide


This activation form is not for activation of Autodesk software – please lodge a support request using the menu (top) for licensing support for your Autodesk, or other, software.

Civil Site Design and Home Use Licensing

At Civil Survey Applications we recognise that businesses operate after normal business hours and that staff have a need to take work home.

In recognition of this requirement and in support of Autodesk’s Home Use Policy, Civil Survey Applications have put in place a matching Home Use Policy extending to Civil Site Design (and all software developed and distributed by Civil Survey Applications).

Home Use Policy Eligibility Criteria

A Home Use License will be made available to organisations on the following basis:

  • The product that you want a Home Use License for is currently on subscription with us
  • The Home Use License is never used simultaneously with the corresponding commercial license. 
  • The total number of Home Use Licenses does not exceed the total number of corresponding commercial licenses
  • The Home Use License will be valid to use up until the end of your product subscription. A new Home Use License will need to be requested after that time to continue use and will be issued subject to the above conditions being met

Obtaining a Home Use License

To obtain a Home Use license, please log into the Civil Survey Applications Subscription Centre and follow the links to request a home use license.